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I set up Clarity & Hart in November 2020 as part of the ecological concern of my total work. The amazing team at C&H is proud to have worked with sail cargo companies in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Central America. Please contact us to enquire about collaborations for 2021/22. See fees.

Stravinsky and why a composer composes

Photograph © @ruralexplorer

Parallel Worlds – notes on the historical context and music of The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky


As part of the ‘lockdown’ provision for the Farnborough Symphony Orchestra community, Bill wrote an in-depth exploration of the piece that would have been performed in their March concert, cancelled due to COVID-19. In Parallel Worlds he explores the motivation and meaning behind the piece that made Stravinsky an international star overnight: his ballet score for the Ballets Russes’ The Firebird, performed in April 1910. 

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