Premiere of ‘Disco Ball – Mountain Hare’

Saturday 22 January, Princes Hall, Aldershot, GU11 1NX with Farnborough Symphony Orchestra.

Farnborough Symphony Orchestra is brilliant for performing contemporary music. Recent concerts have included works by Charlotte Bray, David Matthews and Elizabeth Winters. We are also proud to run the Farnborough Young Composers Competition.

I’m thrilled that FSO performed Disco Ball – Mountain Hare in this Scottish themed concert which also included Mendelssohn’s Hebrides overture and his Scottish Symphony.

Disco Ball – Mountain Hare was inspired by my research into mountain hares in the Cairngorm mountains, Scotland, and was supported by a Finzi Trust Scholarship. There is also a version for violin, cello, piano and clarinet. The recent change of title to Disco Ball – Mountain Hare brings the piece in line with the extended travel essay I wrote about the project called Disco Ball – Mountain Hare: composing in the Cairngorms. You can read extracts from that and about the disco ball metaphor here.

Cairngorms 2018, photograph by Bill Carslake