Clarity & Hart

Business Support Agency exclusively for the sustainable shipping sector. Communications, websites and booking systems.

I set up Clarity & Hart in 2020 as part of the ecological concern of my total work. Sail is a logical solution to transport in the climate crisis; wind is free and sail technology is extraordinary. The team at C&H is proud to have worked with sail cargo and passenger companies in Central America, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK. We do communications, graphic design and websites (e.g. We also make bespoke booking systems (e.g. that are clear, creative and future-proof. Contact us to collaborate in 2023/24.

Not only did the team at Clarity & Hart produce an amazing and effective website for us. The process of developing the site, its purpose and functions, made us understand a lot of things about our business that we simply hadn’t thought of before. Clarity & Hart also helped us answer the most important question of all, and that is not WHAT we should communicate, but WHY we should communicate.

Oskar Hejll, Director, Grayhound Shipping Ltd

I’m also a Co-founder of Guild of Ships (GOS) along with Wille Christiani and Anthony Griffith. GOS is a bookings and circular economy platform for sailing ships. Currently we do passenger bookings, and provide a referral system whereby ships earn commission from each other. Future plans include cargo bookings.