Photograph © H. Spenceley, Pirhuk – Greenland Mountain Guides (Greenland expedition 2016)

The Singing Glacier

A collaborative response to glaciers. In 2016  Bill went to East Greenland with the poet Helen Mort for a climbing expedition with Matt and Helen Spenceley of Pirhuk – Greenland Mountain Guides. They were joined by the film-maker Richard Jones. The Singing Glacier combines instrumental music by Bill, poetry written and read by Helen, and film taken by Richard and others in the team. There are versions for 12-player baroque orchestra, 4-player baroque orchestra, and modern violin with piano. Performances include Poetry in Aldeburgh, Totally Thames festival and the Daniel Corkery Summer School. The Singing Glacier has also featured in the 2017 Manchester Metropolitan University Place Writing Festival, the MMU ‘RAH! Podcast‘, and BBC Radio 3’s ‘Unclassified‘. One of the Pieces from Places series.   

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